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Nothing worth doing is easy

Independent thinkers who seek growth.​

At Zaviago, collaboration is more than simply working together — it means passionate, collaborative debate. It an enviroment as non other, we advocate ideas, contest points of view, and ultimately build on each other’s thinking to come up with the best solution. we all get tasks done, ship fast, and learn.

We operate on low process and high trust, and trade on impact. You have to care deeply about what you’re doing, and commit to continuously developing your craft, to keep pace here. That means Zaviago is not the right place for everyone.

Zaviago has a unique personality and approach to solving problems. It’s hard to work here if you’re not a great match, and we want to ensure those who consider applying can thrive in our unique environment.

Care deeply, but accept the bigger picture

To make commerce better for everyone, we also have to serve and support those who we may not agree with. What does it mean? You need to see the bigger picture, and sometimes leave your personal beliefs outside the room.

Constant learning, constant discomfort

Joining our team means working with the most driven crafters who pursue mastery. But growth isn’t just an opportunity, it’s an expectation. With resources to help you, you’ll be pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Thrive, not survive, on change and chaos

We’re building products for the long-term and that requires an unrelenting pace (the week, not the quarter). You need to be resilient to navigate ambiguity and thrive on change rather than endure it.

Multiple Skills is core in belonging

Change is a constant throughout your career at Zaviago, and you may choose different ways to grow. You can seek even greater depth within your expertise, change scope in your current position people at zaviago love to learn new things hold on multiple roles gain experiences.

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