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About our factory

Our OEM factory.

Zaviago oem is an on-demand oem and warehousing service that fulfills and producing OEM and ODM including clothing, accessories, bag, shoes and fashion items for online businesses.

With MOQ value as low as 50,000 baht per order, and doesn’t come with monthly fees to use our OEM project management platform. We produce only what’s ordered, making our OEM the more conscious and responsible choice when it comes to producing new product line for your brands.

Minimum MOQ at 30pcs per design or

50,000 Baht


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From Hand crafted to Raw material development

We are more than just fashion bag production services, our supply chain are done within our raw material Eco-system this mean that you will get the lowest price possible for leather or other canvas material.

From bleaching, leather coloring, raw material preparation, everything is manage within our ecosystem to ensure you will get the lowest cost possible when you are launching new product collection.

More than just leather.

Our strength is within our partner of global procurement network for the nature materials. We strictly conduct quality control in each production process in order to deliver stable products to our customers.

Our team and our partner main manufacture bases are located in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and Bangladesh. Our target products are men’s shoes, women’s shoes, business bag, casual bag, wallet, belt, car seat, steering wheel, aircraft sheet, furniture leather and the others. We have a wide range of the leather products.

In addition, we are able to supply the high-spec products required to very strict standards and regulations such as the governmental service, fire shoes and the postal service. We offer the wide range of manufacturing technology such as waterproof, Gore-Tex, flame-retardant, waterproof flame-retardant, and light shielding.